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Merve is a dedicated makeup artist , prosthetic designer , character maker with over 10 years experience in the film industry. She specialize in character creation and special effects , bringing a director's vision to life through intricate makeup and prosthetic designing , hand laying facial hair and airbrush techniques.As a key makeup artist , she has contributed to major film such as Star Trek and Gran Turismo. as a valued crew member on numerous film projects, she has honed her skills in transforming actors with realistic and imaginative designs. She collaborate closely with other departments to ensure that each character's look enhances the storytelling and captivates the audience. She is passionate about her craft and committed to delivering high quality work that elevates every production.

Prosthetic application
BTS Merve Cangokce

Examine artists sketches on characters, book illustations and plaster model developing makeup material and prosthetic to achine the desired character depiction.

Design silicone or pro bondo prosthetics.

Giving actors realistic looking scars or unusual physical characteristics

Working on wigs,whiskers and special effects.

Casting facial and body molds and sculpting silicone prosthetics.

Create illusion of a facial and body distotion with prosthetics.

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Merve has had the privilege of working with diverse range of celebrities from Hollywood and around the world. With expertise in makeup artistry ,special effects , and prosthetics design, Merve has collaborated with some of the most renowned actors and actresses in the industry. some of the celebrities Merve has worked with include Maradona , Roger Federer, Shaquille O'Neal , Steve Harvey, Gabriel Macht, iger Woods , Robert Knepper...

In addition working with top tier talent Merve has had the honor of collaborating with some of Hollywood's most succesful and famous directors, contributed to numerous high profile projects,ensuring that each celebrity's look is tailored to perfection and enhances their on screen presence. Their commitment to excellence and creativity has earned Merve a reputation as a trusted professional in the entertainment world.

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